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Growing up in a family of art and literature enthusiasts, she immersed herself into discovering her own artistic passion. Through years of attempting and learning a variety of artistic mediums, she became well acquainted with upholstery, gilding and silk painting until she finally found her calling: Resin Art. Ricarda, who arrived in Canada nearly 20 years ago with her young family, is now a mother of 3 teenagers, a partner to her interior designer husband`s Toronto based business, Barcelona Kitchen and Bath Inc., and now a self-made artist and entrepreneur. The Artist takes inspiration from her surroundings and combines acrylics, resin, alcohol inks., metallics and mixed media, to create 3 dimensional resin pieces which mimic the natural sceneries that she’s observed and experienced throughout her lifetime. Ricarda strives to make every one of her art pieces unique and captivating, incorporating her perspective of the world around her work. She aspires to have others look at her hard work as one of a kind.

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